WIC Program

WIC serves approximately 33,000 women, 36,000 infants and 73,000 children in Alabama annually. Infant feeding is a focus of the Alabama WIC Program. WIC recommends that all new moms breastfeed their infants!  Moms who exclusively breastfeed receive the greatest quantity of food items for purchase with WIC food instruments.  Electric breast pumps are available for loan to WIC moms, and breastfeeding supplies are provided, as well.  Our nutritionists and nurses are great resources for breastfeeding education and support.  Contact Michell Grainger, WIC State Lactation Coordinator, for information about the Alabama WIC Program’s breastfeeding initiative.  Michell can be reached by e-mail at michell.grainger@adph.state.al.us or by phone at 334-206-5673.

For those mothers who choose not to breastfeed their infants, WIC supplies infant formula.  According to USDA regulations, maximum amounts of formula vary depending on the age of the infant.  Abbott Nutrition is the recipient of the infant formula contract to provide standard milk-based, soy-based, and milk-based lactose-free formula.  Issuance of these standard formulas is limited to the approved contract formulas only: Similac Advance, Similace Sensitive Isomil Soy, and Similac Sensitive for Lactose Sensitivity.  The federally mandated contract stipulates that a rebate be paid by Abbott Nutrition for each can of the contract formula purchased by WIC participants in our retail stores.  WIC receives approximately $30 million per year from the rebates.  These additional funds are added to the food budget which allows the program to certify additional participants. The Alabama WIC Program is committed to providing the best care not only for our infants but also for mothers and children, while at the same time, ensuring the most cost-effective utilization of federal funds.  If you have questions or need more information, contact Jean Fulton, MS, RD, Director, Nutrition Services at jean.fulton@adph.state.al.us or 334-206-5673.

Visit our page on the Alabama Department of Public Health web site at www.adph.org/wic.



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