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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

In 2018, following the American Academy of Pediatrics’ adoption of a formal diversity and inclusion statement, the Alabama Chapter-AAP Executive Board made the decision to follow suit by crafting a Chapter statement that affirms our commitment to celebrating the unique attributes of all children in Alabama and the diverse contributions each of our members make to pediatrics as a whole in Alabama. 

The statement was created by an ad hoc committee of the board, chaired by Norma Mobley, MD, FAAP, Area 6 Representative and a pediatrician at Mobile Pediatric Clinic.

This statement reflects the Alabama Chapter-AAP’s commitment of conscious inclusion of all members in our Chapter’s work and promotes the diverse talents of our members as we grow the leadership pipeline of our organization. 


The Alabama Chapter-American Academy of Pediatrics (AL-AAP) is in alignment with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ vision for diversity and inclusion in pediatrics. It is important to establish a standard that ensures that every child in Alabama has access to quality healthcare that promotes his or her optimal health and well-being and is valued at the community and state level. Additionally, the AL-AAP believes that efforts to develop conscious inclusion of all pediatric providers is necessary to improve professional satisfaction and enhance personal well-being.

Pursuing this vision includes appreciating the uniqueness of every child while supporting our profession in communities that celebrate all aspects of diversity in each child and family.

Collectively, this endeavor will equip pediatric providers in Alabama to practice the highest quality healthcare and experience professional gratification and fulfillment.

The AL-AAP acknowledges that children and communities in our state are increasingly diverse, with differences that may include race, ethnicity, language spoken at home, religion, disability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, non-traditional families, and other attributes.

Professionally, our state Chapter is strengthened by the diversity of our membership, and it is important that we reflect the communities we serve. Efforts toward conscious inclusion will maximize the diversity of our volunteers and leaders at the state level. The increased variety of skills and attributes of our membership allows our Chapter to benefit from an assortment of talents and different perspectives that can expand our impact and increase our success.

The AL-AAP will maintain its commitment to learning and increase efforts to recruit, support, and promote diverse and talented individuals as employees, while fostering a work environment that embraces diversity, encourages conscious inclusion, and treats all employees with dignity and respect.

Celebrating the diversity of children, families, pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists in Alabama, while promoting inclusive environments and communities, means actively opposing intolerance, bigotry, bias, and discrimination. The AL-AAP is committed to advocacy, education, and supporting policies to encourage inclusivity and cultural diversity statewide.

Adopted January 19, 2019

**To be affirmed at the September Executive Board meeting annually

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