Breathe Alabama: an ACHIA Asthma
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Children's of Alabama CME Activity Evaluation

PLACE:            Via Internet Enduring Material Activity

SPEAKER:       Isabel L. Virella-Lowell, MD, Associate Professor, Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham 

TOPIC:            Asthma Treatment and Management    

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this internet enduring material activity, participants will be able to:

·       Demonstrate the Initiation of optimal drug therapy based on asthma severity and patient age (Controller vs. Rescue)

·       Restate the goals of asthma management in patients

·       Apply the stepwise approach to managing asthma patients

·       Review the importance of the asthma action plan

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Training Content
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Instructional Material
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The training increased my knowledge of asthma care guidelines.
Training Staff
Training Staff
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The trainers communicated the content well.
Application *
As a result of this training, I know the initiation of optimal drug therapy based on asthma severity and patient age
As a result of the training I can restate the goals of asthma therapy in patient’s
As a result of the training, I can apply the stepwise approach in managing asthma patients
As a result of the training, I understand the importance of the asthma action plan in managing patients with asthma
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